Walkie Caddie

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Available in Blue, Pink, White, & Yellow!

Walkie Caddie - Reclaim Your Pockets!

Pockets are for MONEY

The Walkie Caddie is a tool belt fit specifically for a Motorola CP200 Walkie Talkie (the most commonly used walkie on a film set). 
When filled with every day production essentials: batteries, pens, markers, multi-tools, etc., it fits snugly on the walkie.

Introducing the Walkie Caddie, an innovative accessory tailored for filmmakers and production crews, designed to simplify on-set organization and streamline your workflow. Compatible with the Motorola CP200 and Riedel Communications Bolero System, this essential tool is a game-changer for professionals.

Superior Organization and Accessibility

Featuring a tool belt design, the Walkie Caddie securely holds indispensable items like batteries, pens, markers, and multi-tools. Its seven compartments offer ample storage, while the sturdy elastic band fits over your walkie talkie’s belt clip, ensuring a firm grip and easy access to all functions.

Versatility and Style

Designed for use with Motorola CP200, Riedel Communications Bolero System, and other walkie talkie models, this accessory is an invaluable addition to any production environment. Choose from four eye-catching colors – blue, pink, white, and yellow – to suit your style.

Boosting Productivity and Efficiency

The Walkie Caddie enhances productivity and efficiency in production environments. Its durable construction withstands daily use, and its user-friendly design simplifies maintenance and cleaning. Experience the benefits of a streamlined workflow by ordering your Walkie Caddie today.

Walkie Caddie – An Ideal Gift for Filmmakers

Provide each crew member with a Walkie Caddie to minimize lost items and keep everyone focused on their tasks. This practical solution is an excellent gift for filmmakers or production professionals, demonstrating that you care about their work and helping them stay organized on set.

In conclusion, the Walkie Caddie is a stylish and functional accessory that revolutionizes the way professionals work on set. Compatible with popular walkie talkie systems, it’s a valuable investment that ensures a well-organized and efficient production environment. Discover the difference for yourself today.

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