Walkie Caddie Crew: Blue, Yellow, White, and Pink

When you pick your Walkie Caddie, remember to pick the personality that suits you best! Each vibrant color represents a unique personality perfect for every member of your film crew. 

Let’s meet the crew and hear what they have to say:

Walkie Caddie Blue Circle

Blue – The Technical Wizard

“Did you know that walkie-talkies operate using radio waves?” Blue’s got it covered when it comes to technical know-how. This Walkie Caddie gadget guru is always ready to lend a helping hand and share valuable tips with the team. Blue’s motto: “Knowledge is power!” Perfect for the meticulous and detail-oriented crew member.

Pink – The Diva

“Darling, I’m fashionably late,” exclaims Pink, the ultimate diva. Pink knows how to make an entrance and steals the spotlight as the main character. Walkie Caddie Pink’s motto: “Why blend in when you can stand out?” Perfect for the crew member who loves attention and a touch of glamour.

White – The Professional

“With great style comes great responsibility,” declares White, the epitome of professionalism. Sophisticated and stylish, White might be a little full of themselves but always delivers top-notch performance. Walkie Caddie White’s motto: “Dress for success.” Ideal for the ambitious crew member who values both form and function.

Yellow – The Original Gangsta

“Stay cool, my friends,” says Yellow, the cool, happy, positive Walkie Caddie that started it all. Always sporting a neutral tone, Yellow brings a laid-back, friendly vibe to every film set. Walkie Caddie Yellow’s motto: “Keep it chill.” A great match for anyone looking to stay relaxed and focused.

Get to know the Walkie Caddie Crew and find the perfect match for your film crew’s personalities. 

Embrace the fun and excitement each color brings to your Motorola CP200 Walkie Talkie on set!

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